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Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend Becomes ANIMATED TV Show for Pre-Schoolers, Families & Educators

As of February 2023, Honouring the Buffalo has been televised on Citytv Saskatchewan in animated format.

See the trailer here

Everyone in Saskatchewan can stream it here. (AppleTV)

This the all-ages picture book is a collaboration between Cree Knowledge Keeper/Storyteller Ray Lavallee with illustrations by Mike Keepness, and written by Judith Silverthorne.

The book has captured the attention of children, families and educators. Now the story comes to life as an animation to entertain and educate the younger kids about the history of how through the Creator, Buffalo gave themselves as a gift for the sustenance and survival of the Plains Cree people. Through this show, youngsters will discover how every part of the buffalo was used to provide shelter, food, clothing, tools, hunting, spiritual ceremonies and many other necessities.

This website provides background information, activities for kids and families, and educational resources for the animated adaptation of the book for preschool children.

Produced With the Financial Participation of Canada Media Fund, Creative Saskatchewan, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
Produced in Association with Rogers Media Inc and withe the financial participation of the following
and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit:

Honouring the Buffalo was first published in English and Cree by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, and has since been published in French and Cree as Hommage au Bison: Une légende des Cris des Plaines ,a French/Cree translation published by les Editions de nouveau plume. It has also been translated into German and Cree as DIE WÜRDIGUNG DES BISONS. Eine Legende Der Plains-Cree by MONS Verlag in Germany.

For more information: Silverlight Productions Inc. and Book Information

Press Release Feb 13, 2023

Cast and Crew:

  • Producers: Mathilda Lavallee, Judith Silverthorne
  • Writers: Judith Silverthorne, Alison Kimbley
  • Narrators: Bevann Fox, Erroll Kinistino, Grayson Baker-McGarva
  • Animator/Editor: Tony Quiñones

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