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Honouring the Buffalo Becomes Animated TV Show for Pre-Schoolers

In early 2023, the all-ages picture book, Honouring the Buffalo will be televised on Citytv Saskatchewan in animated format. The book is a collaboration between Cree Knowledge Keeper/Storyteller Ray Lavallee with illustrations by Mike Keepness, and written by Judith Silverthorne.

While the book has captured the attention of children, families and educators, now the story comes to life as an animation to entertain and educate the younger kids about the history of how through the Creator, Buffalo gave themselves as a gift for the sustenance and survival of the Plains Cree people.

Honouring the Buffalo was first published in English and Cree, and has since been published in French and Cree, and also in German and Cree in Europe. Through this show, youngsters will discover how every part of the buffalo was used to provide shelter, food, clothing, tools, hunting, spiritual ceremonies and many other necessities.

This website provides background information, activities for kids and families, and educational resources for the animated adaptation of the book for preschool children.

The animated show can be seen on Citytv Saskatchewan starting in February 2023.

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